Top-6-Modern-Chairs-Exhibitors-at-Maison-et-Objet-2017-You-Must-Visit-8Here is a list of attractions and new openings to start off your new year as par my friend at Hopewell Junction tree removal.

American Writers Museum

American literature has come a long way in history. Opening in Spring 2017, the American Writers Museum explores how the American culture has been influenced by literature. The Museum aims at engaging the public on the different ways writers have contributed to the way the United States sees itself.

Design Society, Shezhen, China

A new cultural hub is being launched this year in Shenzhen, China after a collaboration with London’s V&A Museum. The design society will feature two major touring exhibitions this year and next year. The main focus of the V&A Gallery will be on the twentieth and twenty-first century design. The latest drone technology is part of the exhibits at the Shékŏu area of Shenzhen.

Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru

Belmond Endean Explorer is the first sleeper train in South America and will depart in May 2017. You can’t miss travelling across one of the highest rail routes in the world. Some of the regions the sleeper train will pass through include the gateway to Machu Picchu, the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and Cuzco, and the Peruvian Alps. What should you expect while on board? Before getting to your ensuite cabin expect to enjoy stunning views on the open-air deck.  

Cruise (All Over the World)

If you’ve never been on a cruise, it time you signed up for a new cruise this year. Setting sail in December 2017, the new cruise will get you on a 141-day long trip from Miami to London. The cruise will stop at sixty six locales including Hong Kong, Cuba, Malta, and Mumbai.

Ki Wilderness Trail, Kangaroo Island, Australia (Visit (

The KI wilderness Trail offers an exciting experience as one wanders along freshwater lagoons, clifftops, and beaches. The trail will take your through forests and the most spectacular landscapes in South Australian islands.

Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia (

Get a deeper understanding on the transformative period of America’s history at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. The museum is the perfect attraction for anyone who wants to understand the political forces that shaped the United States. Apart from the historic artefacts present, the museum is set to house multimedia experiences as well as permanent and special exhibitions.


the-ultimate-travel-checklist-for-a-trip-abroad-3We made a check list about traveling when we were sitting at La Vermia Restaurants. Travelling is regarded as one of the most leisure filled activities in the world. It is considered as a medium of bringing a positive change in the life and character of the traveler. However this pleasurable experience can turn into a disaster if the journey is unplanned. Imagine landing up at your dream destination and ending up sleeping in a community place because all the accommodations are fully booked? Or visiting a destination with the amusement park but not able to see it as the tickets are no more available.  The very thought of it is scary!

So you have picked up your dream destination. Booked your travel tickets, informed your employer, friends and family of you going away! Excited? Hang on to keep this excitement on hold and let’s get to work in order to turn your holidays into the best ever. The following checklist can be a real help in getting organised to not to land up in any kind of problem during your vacation.

The first thing that you should be on top of is your documentation. Make sure all your identity cards, credit cards, hotel vouchers, bookings, train/bus/plane travel cards/tickets and if case going abroad your passport, visa, air tickets and an international sim card is all ready. Missing any of these can surely ruin your memorable holiday.

Once you are done with the documentation now its time to start packing your luggage. Remember the more organised you are in arranging your luggage, you carry the most of it and that too within the weight limits.  

Pack all the clothes and shoes that are required. Try not to carry the things that are cheap and will be easily available from a supermarket at your travel destination like the tooth brush, shaving cream etc. Carry that stuff which will is essential for making your holiday comfortable for e.g.: travel cushions are helpful preventing back and neck sprain during your journey.

Now when you are done with the packing make sure you are carrying all the required gadgets along with you. Like your smartphone, camera, laptop if required, a bottle warmer etc in case you are having a baby with you. Be wise with the gadgets you carry and don’t forget the chargers. Now when I have talked of the baby it is important to carry a travel coat and a push chair pram so that it is easier for the baby and you to move around while on go.

Now when all is done, get your regular medical test done so that you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Also carry the regular cold n cough, indigestion and fever tablets with as you might need them on your trip.

Lastly ring all your hotels and other booking centres to confirm your places to avoid last minute rush. You are all set to go!

Happy travelling!

Places to Visit in Coorg



Coorg, a charming hill station in Karnataka is renowned globally as a superb holiday place. This location is praised everywhere for its natural and green atmosphere which it provides to its visitors. With a chill ambiance all around, visitors coming from hotter regions get much required relief from summer heat. Anyway, Coorg tourism has a lot more to provider other than its thrilling aesthetic beauty. My friend who is seafood lover and also travel a lot give me some advice. He said that you can indulge in numerous recreational and adventurous activities like river rafting, trekking, etc. Dense green forests can be seen all around where a big range of diverse flora and fauna species may be spotted. Many amazing places to visit Coorg contribute to making it one of the top hill stations in India in terms of its tourism industry.

In the hectic lifestyle of today’s globe, everyone wants a break by a way of a standard outing with friends and family. But right holiday planning is vital to make the most of your holiday. So if you doubt about which places to visit in Coorg, the detail here will prove handy. Check out some of the famous tourist attractions, which you must incorporate in your holiday plan:

Tomb of Gaddige Raja is a renowned historical place which you must see, while on a visit to this location. This structure was amazingly designed by skilled architects of very old time and is a faultless example of indo-Islamic style of architecture. A number of other historical tombs are placed in the vicinity of this mausoleum, where many popular personalities of ancient times in their end rest.

Omkareshawara Temple is a religious location, which you must visit while on a trip to this place. This popular temple was built in early 19th century by Linagarajendra II, which shows Gothic as well as Islamic architectural style in an amazing manner. A best ancient legend concerning the Shiva Linga here is also linked with this place of worship.

Madikeri Fort is another historical monument which is value seeing at this location. This fort was built in about 17th century and has an amazing archeological importance. A palace was also constructed inside this fort but big changes were brought about in it during Tipu Sultan control when it was reconstructed with granite stone. This is a best place for sightseeing as wonderful views of the city can be enjoyed. Some historical legends are also linked with the fort.

Coorg tourism also provides sufficient adventure opportunities in Kakkabe, Dubare, Madikeri for those who are adventurous and enjoy trekking, hiking, rock climbing and other similar activities. If you ever visit New Braunfels don’t forget to visit Comal Tubes for great tubing experience.

Reasons to Visit Latin America

Most travelers and travelers-to-be have common thoughts in mind: to visit the most famous cities and places around the world. But going to such places is generic, since everyone is just about head-over-heels desiring to step on such lands.

But to be called a real-time traveler, going to places where many has put on the bottom list, you will feel like a chronicler who have discovered the place for everyone to know. This is why you should visit Latin America, or what many call now as South America. The rest of the reasons are the following:

In other parts of the world, climate is ever changing from fall to winter and from winter to spring. In Latin America, some parts are always summer and some are always spring. Guatemala is one of the countries that offer the perfect climate for its guests.

Where there is still nature, that place should be a getaway. Because of its hot climate, their beaches are hotspots that you should not miss going. In Latin American beaches, clear waters, coral reefs and big waves will surely show themselves off to your new braunfels dentist

latin americaAt the same time, they have the 5% of the world’s biodiversity especially in Costa Rica, which is made up of different kinds of animals big and small.

Although you might say that culture is really different in every corner of this world, Latin America truly is. But what matters here are how beautifully their people are celebrating and keeping it alive. The festivals, the dances, the food and the music is how celebration is going. In addition, this does not only goes during the day, but even at night.

This is probably why Colombia is ranked as the happiest country in the world for 2014.

Latin America is indeed one of the destinations travelers should head to. The climate, the nature and its culture that only Latin America could present are the main reasons why you should.

Reasons to Visit Africa

It is true that many people would want to go around the world. However, if you ask them particular places to visit, Africa would perhaps be on the last of the list if ever it is ever mentioned. For typical travelers, this would be true. But for those who seek more of something different, Africa is the place to be.

Africa is a part of the world where diversity is rich. Whether it is diversity in wildlife or in culture, Africa can give it to you. This continent is home to big land animals. Here, you can find elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers and many other animals that are only found in the zoos. In Africa, they are unrestricted and they are larger in number. This is because of the wide area of savannas in this place.

Africa is also home to people of different cultures. There are a number of tribes across the continent. But even if they have different customs and traditions, they have all one thing in common: they are friendly. And along with this kind of diversity are their delicious cuisines.

If you are a person who looks for thrill and excitement, Africa should be at the top of your traveling lists. Unlike other continents where most travelers go, Africa has a lot of hotspots for adventure. Such are hiking, sky diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and many other electrifying activities that are available in Africa.

Moreover, get a closer look at animals that are found in Africa and learn how they live if they live outside restraining cages. With this, learning is a plus other than just enjoying the adventures.

Africa indeed should not be left out in terms of traveling places to go. With its diversity and thrilling adventures, you will never regret having to set foot in this land.

This info was provided by a New Braunfels Dentist, strangely enough. But we gotta give credit where its due.


Most Romantic Places in The World


To love and being loved is the best feeling in the world. When you are finally together with the one you love, you are just ready to get on your feet and go anywhere your hearts have desired. Sometimes, you just want to go places to celebrate your love.

But there are just too many places in the world. Both of you prefer to be romantic to fuel up what was already a blaze. If the both of you are first-time travellers, or are travellers who just want to know more, the following are the most romantic destinations in the world that you can spend your days together.

New Braunfels Limo – You have to check this place out. Some of the finest Stretches ive seen in all my travels. If you go to this quaint little german town with a drinking problem, just rent one.

Secluded Resorts
When the two of you just want to stay away from people and want to spend time alone with each other, then secluded resorts are for you. Maldives, Carmel in California and Island of Seychelles are only a few that could give you the world with your partner for a moment.

sunset viewsSunset Views
After a day of strolling across the city or eating out at restaurants, a better way of relaxing at the end of the day is to just sit down and watch the sun set and the entire heavens turn orange and red. A quiet and relaxing moment watching a scenic view is overall romantic.

The best places to see sunset views are nights at the Greek Islands, Florence in Italy and in Islamorada situated in upper Florida.

City Lights
Nighttime is when romance is even more felt than in daytime. This is why a view overlooking beautiful city lights at night will keep the fire burning. The most famous places are in New York City, Los Angeles and Portugal.

When two birds are in love with each other, any place where their wings would bring them will be very special. And if anything would add up to it to make it memorable, secluded resorts, sunset views and city lights would do just the right thing.