Significance of Thangka
How important is the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, Same the importance of thangkas arts. The real Buddha once who could see and we first try to show Buddha through drawing. There are little difference between Buddha and Gautama Buddha. Buddha has no birth and death, but Gautama Buddha has died after birth. It means Gautama was a bady of the person, even he became as Buddha. Who would understand the real meaning of Buddha, we all sentient beings can become Buddha.

Buddha is another name of unsurpassable reality. First have to use thangka for Vajrayana meditation. Thangka is most necessary and important to the praying Buddha to achieve holiness where there is impossible to meditate. Thangka is not only decorating house, monasteries and worship but also are many positive things behind it. Where there is positive things, and there always joys and its future will be bright. The importance of thangka is not only that but many. Nowadays the foreigners would understand more about the importance and scope of thangka paintings.