the-ultimate-travel-checklist-for-a-trip-abroad-3We made a check list about traveling when we were sitting at La Vermia Restaurants. Travelling is regarded as one of the most leisure filled activities in the world. It is considered as a medium of bringing a positive change in the life and character of the traveler. However this pleasurable experience can turn into a disaster if the journey is unplanned. Imagine landing up at your dream destination and ending up sleeping in a community place because all the accommodations are fully booked? Or visiting a destination with the amusement park but not able to see it as the tickets are no more available.  The very thought of it is scary!

So you have picked up your dream destination. Booked your travel tickets, informed your employer, friends and family of you going away! Excited? Hang on to keep this excitement on hold and let’s get to work in order to turn your holidays into the best ever. The following checklist can be a real help in getting organised to not to land up in any kind of problem during your vacation.

The first thing that you should be on top of is your documentation. Make sure all your identity cards, credit cards, hotel vouchers, bookings, train/bus/plane travel cards/tickets and if case going abroad your passport, visa, air tickets and an international sim card is all ready. Missing any of these can surely ruin your memorable holiday.

Once you are done with the documentation now its time to start packing your luggage. Remember the more organised you are in arranging your luggage, you carry the most of it and that too within the weight limits.  

Pack all the clothes and shoes that are required. Try not to carry the things that are cheap and will be easily available from a supermarket at your travel destination like the tooth brush, shaving cream etc. Carry that stuff which will is essential for making your holiday comfortable for e.g.: travel cushions are helpful preventing back and neck sprain during your journey.

Now when you are done with the packing make sure you are carrying all the required gadgets along with you. Like your smartphone, camera, laptop if required, a bottle warmer etc in case you are having a baby with you. Be wise with the gadgets you carry and don’t forget the chargers. Now when I have talked of the baby it is important to carry a travel coat and a push chair pram so that it is easier for the baby and you to move around while on go.

Now when all is done, get your regular medical test done so that you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Also carry the regular cold n cough, indigestion and fever tablets with as you might need them on your trip.

Lastly ring all your hotels and other booking centres to confirm your places to avoid last minute rush. You are all set to go!

Happy travelling!